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Emulsion pot is a reactor

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 Emulsifying potA bioreactor, as it is often said, is a vessel that provides a good and satisfactory environment for the operation of a particular biochemical process. For some processes,Emulsifying potIs a closed container, at the same time with precision control system;Emulsifying potIt is an important equipment for fermentation production and an indispensable equipment for fermentation products in chemical and food industries.

 Emulsifying potThe role is to efficiently, quickly, and evenly distribute one phase or multiple phases into another continuous phase, which are usually insoluble in each other. Due to the high tangential speed generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the strong kinetic energy brought by the high-frequency mechanical effect, the immiscible solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase are evenly and finely dispersed and emulsified instantly under the joint action of the corresponding mature process and appropriate amount of additives. After high-frequency cycles, stable high quality products are finally obtained.