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The Problem of Emulsion Overflow in Emulsion Pot

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In the field production of fully mechanized mining face,Emulsifying potThe emulsion in the liquid tank often overflows due to the uneven front and back of the liquid tank or the pump station cannot absorb the liquid. It is proposed to install two height-adjusting jacks at the front and rear ends of the liquid tank, and adjust the liquid tank to achieve front and rear balance by the height-adjusting jacks, thus effectively solving the problem of liquid absorption in the pumping station.

Emulsifying potwith very high shear velocity and shear force, the particle size is about0.2-2 microns can ensure the stability of high-speed dispersion emulsification.

Emulsifying potIt can be applied to various dispersion emulsification processes, and can also be used to produce homogeneous mixtures including emulsions, suspensions and colloids.

Emulsifying potThe shear force generated by the stator and rotor system increases the rate of solute transfer, thereby accelerating the decomposition of single molecules and macromolecular media.

It is proposed that there are a large number of hydraulic components in the fully mechanized mining face, such as the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic support, the hydraulic motor of the scraper conveyor, etc. Whether the hydraulic system is normal or not directly affects whether the working face can organize production safely and efficiently.Emulsifying potThe tank contains the working fluid of the entire hydraulic system."Emulsion", in which the amount of liquid determinesEmulsifying potCan normally provide pressure to the entire hydraulic system.