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Why does the three-level emulsifying pot leak?

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Level 3Emulsifying potThe pump cavity is composed of three pairs of different stator and rotor. The transmission shaft in the working cavity adopts cantilever type. The elastic coupling connects the motor with the main shaft in the bearing box to improve the operation quality of the transmission shaft. The sealing form is selected according to different working conditions. Suitable for medium and large quantities of on-line continuous production or cycle processing production process.

Level 3Emulsifying potCooling water must be connected during use. If some customers are limited due to the site and use conditions, they can directly install a cooling system on the equipment. If the cooling water is reduced or missing during the operation of the entire equipment, the machine will automatically stop running.

At the same time, some customers will also ask, if the machine seal is really short of water and burned, how can I judge: here our small editor of Bailishi can tell you that we can judge through two aspects,1. Check whether there is a large amount of material leaking out of the machine seal. 2. Check the water quality of the cooling circulating water. The normal water quality is clear. If the machine seal leaks, the water quality will become turbid, indicating that the material has leaked out slowly.

cheapEmulsifying potThe equipment is happy when you buy it, and then you use it once to make trouble once. The trouble is small, but it leads to all kinds of losses. and excellent qualityEmulsifying potThe price of the equipment may be slightly higher, it is painful at the moment you buy it, but every time after that is comfortable! Because quality and service can get the best guarantee, time will prove your rationality and farsighted vision. So there are often many customers who don't understandEmulsifying potWhen the equipment is in the market, there is more attention to the price and ignores the quality and service of the equipment.