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Homogeneous emulsifying machine why can't idling?

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We often homogenize in a vacuumHomogenizing emulsifying machineSee the instructions for use or warning signs:Homogenizing emulsifying machineNo idling. But there are still many friends who are curious about this explanation:Homogenizing emulsifying machineWhy can't idling? The next small series will give you specific instructions.

vacuum homogenizationHomogenizing emulsifying machineIt is the efficient, fast, and average of one or more phases.(liquid, solid, gas) into another immiscible continuous phase (usually liquid) process. The principle is the high tangential speed generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the strong kinetic energy brought by the high-frequency mechanical effect, so that the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact tearing and turbulence in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor, forming suspension (solid/liquid), emulsion (liquid/liquid) and foam (gas/liquid). The part where the emulsifying head is connected with the stator is equipped with copper sleeve bearings or bearings made of other materials, and the speed of the drive shaft is generally 2880rpm. Due to the relative high-speed movement between the copper sleeve and the drive shaft, friction will produce extremely high temperatures. If there is no lubricant between the copper sleeve and the shaft, the copper sleeve and the shaft will expand due to the high temperature and lock up. The shaft will be scrapped as a result. When the emulsifying head is immersed in the solution, the solution will enter the gap between the copper sleeve and the bearing, thus playing a lubricating role.