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Active control process of liquid filling machine system for cosmetic equipment

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  cosmetic equipment liquid filling machineThe active control process of the system is programmed according to the requirements of the process. The system in the design of the choice of stepping control method, that is, after the completion of a process to perform another process. Of course, the active process must also have certain conditions, such as: the material level can not be lower than the lower limit of the rulesIt is necessary to close the active switch of each performance element; the material level meets the requirements at the beginning of the active process, etc.cosmetic equipment liquid filling machineLess liquid level, low air pressure or undetectableWhen there are 16 bottles, it indicates that the system can no longer operate normally. At this time, the touch screen outputs alarm signals and types, and the operators carry out fault treatment according to the signal types to prevent unnecessary economic losses and make the production run normally.