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Welding Requirements for Stainless Steel Tanks

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1. The welded storage tank shall meet the relevant requirements of welding process and welding materials.
2. When welding the top plate of the large storage tank and the hemming angle steel, the main welds shall be symmetrically and evenly distributed, and the welding shall be performed in sections along the same direction.
3. The inner weld shall be welded first, and the outer weld shall be welded later. The radial long weld shall be welded symmetrically.
4, before welding should check the assembly quality, clean up the groove surface and groove on both sides of the 20mm range of rust, moisture and dirt, to dry.
5. When the grinding is too deep, repair welding should be carried out and polished smoothly.
6. When there are harmful defects such as arc scratches and welding scars, it should be polished and smooth. The thickness of the polished steel plate should not be less than the nominal thickness of the steel plate minus the negative deviation value.
7. For the welding of the tank wall, the vertical weld is welded first, and then the circumferential weld is welded. After the longitudinal weld of two adjacent circles of wall plates is welded, the circumferential weld between them is welded again. Welders are evenly distributed and welded in the same direction.
8, tack welding and welding fixture, should be qualified welder welding, arc should not be on the base metal or completed weld.