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Installation and use of anti-corrosion stainless steel storage tank

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1. After the anti-corrosion storage tank arrives at the user's destination, the all-plastic vertical product can be directly placed on the cement-filled flat ground and can be used by connecting the pipeline. The anti-corrosion storage tank with large volume can be laid flat on the ground before being erected. The foundation of anti-corrosion storage tank shall be flat and able to accept corresponding pressure. If steel structure is selected as the foundation of anti-corrosion storage tank, the gap of steel structure shall not be too large, and wooden board or iron plate shall be laid on the foundation surface. Because the bottom surface of the large vertical storage tank is planned to protrude into the tank to form a spherical crown when forming, it is advocated to pave the horizontal root with sand to form a spherical crown corresponding to the bottom of the anti-corrosion storage tank.
2. The horizontal all-plastic storage tank (horizontal storage tank) should be placed in the base made of cement bricks. The base is generally half of the tank. The base manufacturing generally adopts the on-site stacking method, that is, the horizontal tank is placed at the application address, and then filled with brick cement, and pay attention to the contact surface between the barrel and the brick to put some sand to fill, and then the cement brick root is fully condensed, and then the material is used.
3, large anti-corrosion storage tank Weixing storage tank in the installation, shift to try to use the crane.
4, anti-corrosion storage tank in the storage of chemicals, the storage items should be marked. The drainage trench and dilution shall be installed around the site where the anti-corrosion storage tank is placed.
5, all plastic flange due to the material is softer than the steel plate, in connection with other flanges, should pay attention to strengthen. The flange matched by Wuxi Weixing is generally tightened when leaving the factory, which may cause loosening during transportation, loading and unloading. Users should check the sealing function of the anti-corrosion storage tank before use, and add liquid to observe whether it leaks. Anti-corrosion storage tank containing chemical liquid shall be tested for leakage with water to avoid loss.
6. If there is a joint or a pipe with flange connection in the lower part of the anti-corrosion storage tank, it shall be perpendicular to the barrel wall, and soft connection shall be used to avoid damage to the joint connection and leakage due to uneven expansion of the barrel wall after being filled with liquid, and damage to the joint and barrel body in serious cases.
7. When the liquid inlet is higher from the bottom of the tank, the liquid inlet should be bent to the tank wall to allow the liquid to fall along the tank wall to reduce the impact on the bottom.
8. When installing heavy subordinate equipment such as mixers on the barrel, or when people need to work on the top of the tank and the storage tank cannot accept the load, please make another shelf or ladder.