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Surface treatment process of stainless steel storage tank

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There are three kinds of surface treatment processes for stainless steel storage tanks, surface whitening treatment; surface mirror bright treatment; surface coloring treatment. 
1. surface natural whitening treatment 
Stainless steel in the processing process, after the plate, edge, welding or after artificial surface fire baking heating treatment, produce black oxide skin. This hard gray-black oxide scale is mainlyNiCr2O4 and NiF two EO4 components, before the general use of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid for strong corrosion method to clean. However, this method is costly, pollutes the environment, and is corrosive, and is gradually eliminated.
2. surface mirror bright treatment method 
According to the complexity of stainless steel products and user requirements, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods can be used to achieve mirror gloss. 
3. surface coloring treatment 
Stainless steel coloring not only gives different colors to stainless steel products, increases the variety of products, but also strengthens the corrosion resistance of products.