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How to carry out vacuum emulsifying machine maintenance

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First, to persevere.vacuum emulsifying machineoperational efficiency, it is necessary to adhere tovacuum emulsifying machineClean.

Second,vacuum emulsifying machineRotation is prohibited during operation and needs to be checked again and again before starting the motor.

Third,vacuum emulsifying machineIf there is a liquid leakage at the shaft during operation, it is necessary to stop the machine to adjust the pressure of the machine seal.

Fourth, the medium of the material is different, it is necessary to clean the import and export filter regularly. It is necessary for the materials entering the operation cavity to be fluid, and materials with dry powder and agglomerates are not allowed to enter the machine directly.

Fifth, use.vacuum emulsifying machineThe safety of equipment and electrical control systems must be ensured.

Sixth,vacuum emulsifying machineIf the accessories are found to be worn too much, the corresponding parts should be replaced in time.

Seventh, use.vacuum emulsifying machineShould prevent empty machine operation, to avoid the material in the operation of high temperature or crystallization and solidification and damage to the equipment.!

The eighth,vacuum emulsifying machineIn the process of operation, such as abnormal sound or other problems, should be immediately shut down to check, to eliminate the problem before operation.

  vacuum emulsifying machineThe correct use and maintenance can reduce unnecessary losses and improve.vacuum emulsifying machinethe number of lives and operational efficiency.