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The Origin and Genre of Vacuum Emulsion Machine

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The times are advancing,vacuum emulsifying machineThe products of the company have also been innovating. The so-called draught does not forget to dig wells. While innovating, remember who developed this profession.!

The following by the small editor to give us a popular sciencevacuum emulsifying machineOrigins and genres

  vacuum emulsifying machineThe real originated in the German industrial town of Alsa. Begin to be used in the refinement of dental polymer materials.vacuum emulsifying machineAfter the launch in the United States and Japan to get more development and use.vacuum emulsifying machineAnd the cooperative use of the mixer significantly improves the mixing emulsification effect. The following are produced by various countries.vacuum emulsifying machineFeatures:

1. German SHARPE Company, with a history of hundreds of years ago, has a unique side in laboratory analysis equipment, chemical mixing and other aspects. The products attach importance to slack as the main function. Thus, under conditions where there is a need for shearing, there is a significant inability to do so,vacuum emulsifying machineThe special structure of the use of mixed, lax compensation.

2. ROSS was founded in 1841 by Charles Ross and his son in the United States. It is a professional mixing equipment production company and mixer. It is famous for producing mixers, mixers and grinders. by the firm ROSS.vacuum emulsifying machineIt has the functions of slack, mixing, emulsification, shearing and homogenization. Its characteristic is that the central suction material is radial jet type, with turbulent mixing as the main body, the liquid is turned violently, and the effect of slack, mixing and emulsification is remarkable.

3. TK Company of Japan, star-shaped feeding valve, officially called Special Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., was founded in 1927 (Fukushima, Osaka). Hisvacuum emulsifying machineThe feature is axial flow shear emulsification, the primary consideration is fluid up and down flipThe star-shaped feeding valve is a periodic compound slack, emulsification, homogenization and mixing system. Its products are primarily used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical occupations.