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Introduction of Hybrid Vacuum Emulsion Machine

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Mixingvacuum emulsifying machineIt refers to the slow mixing of the materials in the main pot through the mixing box, so that the materials are turned over, mixed evenly, and then formed into a pressure to make the materials flow to the bottom of the pot, and then through the homogenizing head at the bottom of the pot, the materials are sucked and cut at high speed, so that the materials are fully refined, broken and mixed evenly, reaching the expected best effect.

ZJR-200 type vacuum homogeneous mixingvacuum emulsifying machineThe main components of the main pot, oil pot, water pot, electrical control system, hydraulic system, vacuum system and frame and other components. The main pot is composed of homogeneous mixing pot, homogeneous tissue, two-way mixing tissue, etc.

vacuum homogeneous mixingvacuum emulsifying machineApplicable to: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and so on.