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Composition of homogeneous emulsifying machine

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GeneralHomogenizing emulsifying machineBy slow mixing system, fast homogeneous mixing system, heating/Cooling system, upper cover lifting system, feeding and discharging system, safety control system. Currently, on the marketHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe automation level of the equipment is getting higher and higher, which is more in line with the new production standards in pharmaceutical and other fields.
Homogenizing emulsifying machineIt is widely used in the production process of emulsion and mucilage, which needs to be stirred, homogenized, crushed, suspended and dissolved, so it has an irreplaceable position in the production of biopharmaceutical, chemical, paper and other industrial fields.
Of course, the vacuumHomogenizing emulsifying machineAs a high-precision equipment, its maintenance and maintenance is also essential,Zui's simple and necessary step is to do a good job in cooling the equipment. Before the equipment is operated, the cooling water of the mechanical seal must be connected first. When the equipment is stopped, the cooling water must be shut down and then cut off. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the mechanical seal is not run under the condition of material breakage to avoid idling. Burn out due to high temperature or affect the service life.