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What are the requirements of the cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machine for the equipment itself and the information?

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CommonCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineQuality issues:(1) The paper of the carton does not meet the design requirements, the rigidity is poor, and the toothpaste tube is deformed greatly;(2) The appearance of the package is hairy or the packaging box is damaged;(3) Typing with steel seal, the factory date and batch number are unclear;(4) The packaging is damaged or smashed.

  Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineRight.Cosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineRequirements:(1) can reach the general requirements of packaging, no deformation, no hair;(2) can not be missing, wrong, less problems;(3) can not be contaminatedCosmetic equipment filling and sealing machineGoods and packaging boxes;(4) The batch number and delivery date should be clearly printed.