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Stainless steel reaction kettle before use after the installation of attention!

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Stainless steel reaction kettleAfter the installation is completed and before the operation is used, there are still some details that need to be paid attention to. These details are often relatively easy to be ignored. The following Weihai Rainification MachineStainless steel reaction kettleXiao Bian and everyone to explore these details:
    1.Stainless steel reaction kettleIt should be placed indoors. In the equipment more than oneStainless steel reaction kettleIt should be placed separately. Each operation room shall have an outlet directly to the outside or passage, and the equipment site shall be well ventilated.
2. At the connection between the positive and negative nuts, only the positive and negative nuts are allowed to be turned, and the sealing surfaces of the two arcs shall not be turned relative to each other. When all nut pattern connections are assembled, lubricating oil shall be applied.
3. After the operation, it can be cooled naturally, cooled by water or placed in the air on the support. After the temperature drops, release the pressurized gas in the kettle to reduce the pressure to normal pressure (the pressure gauge shows zero), loosen the main nut symmetrically and equally, remove the main nut, then carefully remove the kettle cover and place it on the bracket orStainless steel reaction kettleAfter installation, fill the water jacket with oil. Cooling and lubricating machine seal to extend service life. 
    4.Stainless steel reaction kettleDuring the test run of the reducer, the engine oil shall be added for lubrication and the reducer shall be operated.The first oil change will be carried out after 20 days, and the oil will be changed every six months. Open the oil drain nut when changing the oil.
5. If conditions permit, putStainless steel reaction kettleThe water jacket is connected with circulating water to cool down (it may not be used when the operating temperature is not high), and the cooling water is low and high. 
6. After each operation, the residue on the kettle body and lid should be removed. The main sealing port should be cleaned frequently and kept clean. Hard objects or rough surfaces are not allowed to be wiped.