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Precautions for the use of stainless steel storage tanks

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1, stainless steel storage tank area should pay attention to fire prevention, do not have hay, oil stains and other combustibles, but also to keep clean and tidy.
2, stainless steel storage tank area drainage system should be set up water seal well; drainage pipe should be set up outside the fire dike valve; oil tank water, there should be a special person to monitor, timely clean up the residual oil in the water seal well.
3. Non-explosion-proof electrical equipment and high-voltage overhead lines shall not be installed in the stainless steel storage tank area.
4. Fire dike shall be set up in the stainless steel storage tank area according to regulations, and the fire dike shall be kept intact.
5. The top of the stainless steel oil storage tank shall be free of oil and water. Insulation measures shall be taken for the inlet and outlet pipelines and valves of stainless steel oil storage tanks.
6. The transparent hole, measuring gauge hole cover and gasket on the top of the stainless steel oil storage tank shall be kept intact, and the hole cover shall be tightly covered. The measuring port shall be equipped with non-sparking metal gaskets.
7, stainless steel oil tank on the breathing valve, hydraulic valve base should be installed flame arrestor. Check the flame arrester at least once a quarter.
8. The stainless steel oil tank inlet and outlet oil pipeline should be equipped with flexible hose compensator.
9. The steel oil storage tank body shall be provided with lightning protection and anti-static grounding device, and its grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10Ω. At least one grounding point shall be set every 30m along the bottom edge of the tank, and there shall be no less than two grounding points for a single tank.
10. Check the lightning protection and anti-static grounding device every spring, and test the grounding resistance value to meet the requirements.
11. Two soft copper wires with a cross-sectional area of not less than 25mm2 shall be applied between the pontoon of the floating roof tank and the tank wall.
12, stainless steel oil storage tank oil to run in the tank.
13. When the oil level of the condensed oil is higher than that of the heating coil, it shall be heated by the steam riser first, and then heated by the steam coil after the condensed oil is dissolved.
14, should not wear chemical fiber clothing and shoes with nails on the can. Non-explosion-proof torches shall not be turned on or off at the top of the tank.
15. The hot work and tank cleaning operation of the oil pipeline in the stainless steel storage tank area shall comply with the industry regulations.
16, stainless steel storage tank fire, should report and stop the fire tank operation. Organize fire fighting and start emergency plan in due time.