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What are the advantages of low-temperature stainless steel storage tanks

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Submerged arc welding shall be used for longitudinal and circumferential welding of the 1., with good appearance and linerX-ray inspection.
2. pipe bending is carried out on the CNC pipe bending machine, pay attention to the geometric size of the pipe bending. 
The inner and outer surfaces of the 3. stainless steel liner are degreased and pickled and passivated, and the inner and outer surfaces of the carbon steel shell are sandblasted and derusted, so that the paint has adhesion, increases the corrosion resistance of the paint, strengthens the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel plate, and reduces the outgassing amount of the interlayer. 
4., the pearlescent sand was dehydrated and pretreated before sand loading, and the interlayer was heated and replaced with nitrogen to reduce the source of gas release. 
5. sand loading adopts negative pressure filling and positive pressure compaction process to maintain the uniformity of the interlayer pearlescent sand and the cold preservation effect of the interlayer. 
6. paint using acrylic polyurethane paint, primer twice, two times the top coat, increase the life of the paint.