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Vacuum emulsifying machine use matters needing attention

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  1、vacuum emulsifying machineDue to the extremely high speed of the cutting head, it is not allowed to work in the empty pot state, so as not to affect the sealing degree after local heating.

  2、vacuum emulsifying machineGround wire shall be reliably groundedEnsure electrical safety.

3. The homogenizer is reversed when viewed from top to bottom. After the motor is wired or when it is not necessary to restart for a long time, it shall be inching for trial rotation. The turning of the mixing frame is reversed when viewed from top to bottom, and the mixing leaves are turned forward when viewed from top to bottom. During debugging, the homogenizer shall be started and turned for trial operation, and then the homogenizer shall be operated after confirmation.

4, each mixing should be started before, check the mixing scraping wall is abnormal, if there should be immediately ruled out.

5. Before mixing and vacuuming, be sure to check whether the pan is flat with the pan cover, whether the pan mouth and the material port cover are tightly covered and reliably sealed.

6. Before the vacuum pump is shut down, the ball valve in front of the vacuum pump should be closed.

  7、vacuum emulsifying machineThe vacuum pump can only be started under the sealing condition of the homogenizing pot. If there is a special need to open the air pump, the work cannot exceed3 minutes.

8. The equipment must be cut off before any maintenance or cleaning.

9. Never put your hand into the kettle during the operation of the equipment to prevent accidents.

  10、vacuum emulsifying machineIf there is any different response during operation, stop operation immediately, and start up only after the cause is found out.