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Emulsion pot is recommended to use matching equipment for conveying

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Emulsifying potWhen using some material flow is relatively poor, such as relatively high viscosity, it is recommended to use matching equipment for transportation. IfEmulsifying potThe direction on the body is deviated from the direction of the red arrow on the equipment. Check whether the material enters the cavity and adjust it well.Emulsifying potStart the motor after the steering is determined.


Emulsifying potThese additional features have facilitated the production of many products,Emulsifying potIn the process of material shearing, homogenization and emulsification, the working temperature can be adjusted,Emulsifying potThe insulation layer structure has a great effect on the production of chocolate and asphalt. Replacement of explosion-proof motor, letEmulsifying potUse in flammable, explosive occasions to improve the safety of the pump,Emulsifying potThe cleaning device can speed up the working efficiency of the rotating stator and keep the pump cavity clean.