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Introduction of cosmetic equipment ointment filling machine operation matters needing attention

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  cosmetic equipment ointment filling machineOperation Precautions

1. When filling, the total metering pump needs to be operated for about 3 minutes to make the air bubbles in the tube exhausted and the filling quantity accurate.

2. If the air bubbles in the pipe cannot be removed for a long time, the filling quantity is not on time. The primary reason is that a piece of air leakage in the pump liquid channel can be checked. The piston sealing ring in the cylinder body of the total metering pump, the silicone rubber head in the upper and lower check valves and other joints can be checked. If there is too much residue in the liquid medicine, the check quality is stuck in the valve piece, showing that the one-way valve is not fully closed, which will also form a filling ban.

  3、cosmetic equipment ointment filling machineThere is a lack of bottle stagnation machine protection, when the bottle management track in the work box onlyAt 2 blocks, the automatic shutdown micro switch is turned off, and the filling is automatically stopped. At this moment, the fault light is on. If continuous filling is required, the manual and automatic switches can be turned to the manual side, and the machine can run.