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Stainless steel reaction kettle solid feeding port!

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Solid feed port is hydrogenationStainless steel reaction kettleOne of the components of, but hydrogenation.Stainless steel reaction kettleHow to use the solid feeding port above? Small braid with you to learn hydrogenationStainless steel reaction kettleThe use of solid feeding port. Laboratory with solid feed portStainless steel reaction kettleEquipment characteristics: magnetic forceStainless steel reaction kettleIt has the characteristics of static sealing, no leakage, low noise, no pollution, stable operation and simple operation,
First, use hydrogenationStainless steel reaction kettleThe solid feeding port of the, need to use wrench tools, with a wrench to unscrew the plug, and then to hydrogenationStainless steel reaction kettleFeed inside. After the material is loaded, it needs to be hydrogenated with soft paper.Stainless steel reaction kettleWipe the mouth clean. Then keep the sealing line of the solid feeding port clean, and then see if there are any metal particles around. If not, tighten the plug.
Use of hydrogenationStainless steel reaction kettleThe above solid feeding port can be carried out according to the above-mentioned method, and the operation sequence of the solid feeding port needs to be strictly followed during use.