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Stainless steel reaction kettle accessories name and scope of application

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Stainless steel reaction kettleThe accessories are mainly composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, transmission device, shaft seal device, support, etc. The stirring forms are generally anchor type, paddle type, turbine type, propulsion type or frame type. When the height and diameter of the stirring device are relatively large, multi-layer stirring blades can be used, and a jacket is arranged outside the kettle wall, or a replacement hot surface is arranged inside the device, and heat exchange can also be carried out through external circulation. The support seat has a support type or ear type support. Speed overGear reducers should be used for more than 160 revolutions. The number of openings, specifications or other requirements can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. The kettle body material is mainly made of 1cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel, and titanium (TA2), nickel (Ni6) and composite steel plate can be made according to different medium requirements. The kettle body structure includes flat cover, convex cover and closed kettle body with manhole. The opening on the kettle cover can be designed according to user requirements. Heating methods include jacket steam, jacket hot oil electric heating and other forms for users to choose and match when ordering. For the inner surface of the kettle with polishing requirements, the above mirror polishing level can be achieved, and the high viscosity material is processed into a conical bottom, which is convenient for discharging and cleaning..