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Principles of stainless steel tank selection

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Collection of process design data: after material balance calculation and heat balance calculation, it is already known that the temperature, pressure, service pressure, service temperature, corrosiveness of medium, vapor pressure, inlet and outlet of materials to be stored in stainless steel storage tank are collected as the basic data of design. 
Select the material of the stainless steel storage tank: For chemical storage tanks, the corrosion of the medium is an important factor in considering the storage tank material. Corrosive materials depending on the working pressure, working temperature can choose enamel container, glass-lined container, can also be made of steel pressure vessel rubber lining, lining, lining PTFE to strengthen the corrosion resistance of the container. 
Appropriate volume, the appropriate volume of the storage tank is determined after comprehensive consideration of factors such as the type of the storage tank, the nature of the stored materials, the size of the available site and the processing capacity of the equipment. After selecting the appropriate volume of the storage tank, the value obtained by dividing the total volume of the materials to be stored by the appropriate volume of the storage tank is the required number of units. After the number of units is determined, the initial appropriate volume is adjusted, to have tank volume. 
From the standard series can not find a consistent specification, should also choose a similar specification, the size, nozzle to make some adjustments as non-standard equipment, this can greatly save the design of the workload.