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Introduce the working principle and application of vacuum emulsifying machine

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  vacuum emulsifying machineWith its very stable performance and very mature technology, it has been loved by a wide range of consumers. At the same time,vacuum emulsifying machineIt is also one of the most widely used production equipment.

The working principle of the homogenizer is mainly the equipment for the process of high efficiency, but also very fast and uniform entry of a phase or even liquids and solids between many phases into another continuous phase that is not soluble with each other, usually liquid. When the fineness of one or perhaps many kinds of data reaches the order of microns, or even nanoscale, the system can be considered homogeneous. At the time of the external energy input, the two materials form a homogeneous phase from the head. The high-shear homogenizer is mainly due to the very fast operation of the rotor, the tangent line is very high speed and the mechanical effect of very high frequency, and it also brings very strong kinetic energy, in the very narrow gap between the stator and the rotor, the material is subjected to very strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, friction of liquid layer, centrifugal extrusion, collision tearing, turbulence and other comprehensive effects, gradually forming suspension, emulsion and foam.

The high-shear homogenizer allows those solid, liquid and gas phases that are immiscible with each other to be instantaneously and uniformly dispersed and emulsified under the action of relatively mature processes and relatively appropriate amounts of additives, and also to undergo very high-frequency pipeline-type high-shear dispersion and emulsification cycles and reciprocations, and finally to obtain very stable and high-quality products.