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Application advantages of homogeneous emulsifying machine

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Homogenizing emulsifying machineVertical planetary typeHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe emergence of, slowly eliminated a lot of backward mixing, mixing equipment, become the necessary equipment for many mixing process. Vertical shaft planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineBeautiful, practical, convenient, stable, safe and reliable, which improves the production level and quality of the mixing process.Homogenizing emulsifying machineA brief introduction.

Vertical planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineBrief introduction

Vertical planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe main engine includes a mixing cylinder body, which is lined with a lining plate made of wear-resistant material. The upper transmission device is composed of a reducer, a gear, and a motor. The mixing device is composed of a mixing spindle, a mixing arm, a support frame and blades. Vertical planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineThrough the planetary stirring effect, the stirring effect is obviously improved, the structure design is simple, the bearing has no worries about sealing, and the mixer is convenient to maintain and easy to pick up and adopt.Homogenizing emulsifying machineThrough the revolution and rotation of the stirring motion to eliminate all the mixing dead zone, strong stirring effect will not damage the formation of materials; vertical planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineDiversified discharge mode design, according to the actual pneumatic, hydraulic discharge mode selection, vertical planetaryHomogenizing emulsifying machineTruly representative of high-end mixing equipment.