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Homogeneous emulsifying machine secondary maintenance

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Secondary maintenance(Maintenance every 4000 working hours)


1. The first level of maintenance work.

2. Discharge the oil of the reducer, clean all parts in the reducer with diesel, and inject grease.

3. Disassemble, inspect and clean the planetary gears, slewing bearings and large gears in the revolving body, and the oil stains on the surfaces of other parts. Check the degree of gear wear. If the wear is serious, replace it in time. When the assembly is resumed, the torque wrench shall be used to measure the torque of the coupling high-strength bolt pair according to the relevant national standards.

4. After cleaning, add grease to the slewing bearing, add grease to the upper cavity of the revolution body, add grease to the lower cavity of the revolution body, and add ordinary butter to each bearing.

5. Disassemble and inspect the motor, remove the dust on the stator winding, and check whether there are traces of friction between the stator and the rotor. Clean the bearing and add new lubricating oil.

6. Check the mixing blade, its edge wear more than 15mm should be replaced, the bolt connection shall not have loose phenomenon.

7. Check the inner wall and bottom of the cylinder wear parts, such as wear more than 50% should be replaced in time.