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Homogeneous emulsifying machine level maintenance

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Primary maintenance(every 200 working hours)


  1. All maintenance operations for each shift.

  2. Check whether the unloading system and cylinder work normally.

  3. Check whether the seal of the revolution body is intact.

  4. Add double zero lithium base grease to the reducer.

  5. Adjust the clearance between the blade and the bottom plate wear plate to 8-10mm; The clearance between the edge scraper blade and the inner wall of the cylinder is 8-10mm.

  6. Open the observation cover on the top of the mixer, and add grease to the upper cavity of the revolution body where the output gear of the reducer is located.

  7. Check whether the oil pipe and oil circuit of the lubricating slewing bearing are unblocked, start the electric oil pump, and add oil to the slewing bearing for 3min.

  8. Open the cover plate on the side of the revolution body and add grease to the lower cavity of the revolution body.