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Introduce the structure principle of cosmetic equipment ointment filling machine

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  cosmetic equipment ointment filling machineThe structural principle

  cosmetic equipment ointment filling machineIt is suitable for filling paste, viscous liquid, thick sauce containing particles in bags and bottled materials. In addition, it can be equipped with related equipment such as capping, sealing, labeling, coding and coding, sealing machine and other filling machines, which can be combined into an active filling production line.Product structure exquisite, excellent quality

  cosmetic equipment ointment filling machineThe structural principle

1. Actively press the hose into the pipe die;

2. Select elastic and tightening tube cup to ensure the same height of sealing tail;

3. The active color marking system of stepping drive tube cup rotation is selected, which can mark the active marking of ellipse and other special-shaped tubes;

4, the selection of mechanical transmission method of the injection system, to ensure the stability of the loading;

5. The initial injection method at the bottom of the pipe;

6. Select the original Swiss LEISTER hot air device;

7. The inner wall of the pipe is sealed with hot air, and the outer wall of the pipe is cooled by cold water circulation. This ensures that the closure works beautifully;

8. After the fan, the harmful gas generated after heating is discharged outdoors;

9. After sealing the tail, it is equipped with an air cooling system to prevent heat conduction to the paste;

10. PLC full active control;

11. High-definition visible stainless steel frame;

12. It is easy to finish the connection between the emulsifying machine and the filling machine;

13. The replacement operation between giant and thin pipe diameters is simple and clear;

14, filling, sealing and finishing, batch number, one machine active completion;

15. It has the functions of active tube loading, active purging of inner tube, active label searching, active filling and tail sealing;

16, can carry out stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, landing large-capacity tube warehouse active cooperation host to complete the tube function;

17, the end of the production volume active quantitative control;

18. Active batch number printing;

19. Intuitive display and control of man-machine interface;

20. Floor-type large-capacity active upper tube warehouse;

21. Upper tube adsorption positioning equipment;

22. Hose direction inversion active detection, Omron inversion detection photocell can accurately detect inverted hose;

23. Cam indexing;

24. Active cleaning and dust recovery equipment inside the hose;

25, with fault alarm, door open, mechanical overload active shutdown equipment;

26, injection material selection blowing and blocking combined injection method to ensure the filling of high viscosity materials;

27, optional column material active temperature control mixing system;

28. Ultrasonic hopper level active detection system. United States BANNER ultrasonic level detection probe and Siemens module cooperation can accurately control the level and intuitive display on the touch screen;

29. It has the function of accurate control without tube or filling;