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The development of cosmetic equipment filling machine has become a necessary equipment for many enterprises

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The filling machine is an intelligent machine, which carries out intelligent filling according to the set specifications, greatly reducing manpower, thus improving the production efficiency of filling. The working principle of the filling machine is introduced as follows: firstly, the clean bottle coming out of the bottle washing machine is fed into the bottle feeding screw of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt, and is sent to the bottle cylinder of the rotary table and raised through the bottle feeding star wheel.The bottle mouth is guided by the centering device to tightly press the discharge mouth of the filling valve to form a seal. After the bottle is evacuated, the back pressure gas (CO2) in the liquid storage cylinder is flushed into the bottle. When the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to the gas pressure in the liquid storage cylinder, the liquid valve is opened under the action of the liquid valve spring. At this time, the beer is guided by the umbrella-shaped reflective ring on the return pipe. It is automatically poured into the glass bottle along the bottle wall, and the CO2 in the glass bottle is replaced back to the liquid storage cylinder through the return pipe. When the liquor rises to a certain height and closes the mouth of the return pipe. Stop drinking automatically. Then the liquid valve and the gas valve are closed to drain the pressure gas at the bottleneck part to prevent the gushing of the gas-bearing wine liquid when the glass bottle descends.

As long as the filling specifications are set, it can run, which improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. The development of the filling machine has become a necessary equipment for many enterprises, and the filling machine is constantly emerging in the industry.

The beverages we see in the market are packaged through beverage filling machines. Due to the continuous expansion of beverage market demand and the increase of beverage manufacturers,cosmetic equipment liquid filling machineThe importance of the increasingly prominent. high performancecosmetic equipment liquid filling machineIt is also welcomed by consumers, so filling machine manufacturers are working hard to reform technology to produce higher filling efficiency, more accurate precision, and more secure health and safety.cosmetic equipment liquid filling machine.

  cosmetic equipment liquid filling machineThe degree of automation is very high, generally with other machines to form a filling production line to use. From filling to sealing to labeling a production line can be completed, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises, anti drip device also saves a lot of production costs for enterprises. The reason why we can drink sweet drinks, in addition to the efforts of producers, can not be ignoredcosmetic equipment liquid filling machineThe power.