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Brief Introduction of Basic Knowledge of Cosmetic Equipment Paste Filling Machine

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Double-temperature cold storage refers to a set of cold storage with partition plates divided into two single rooms with different temperatures, and two sets of storage doors are respectively installed. According to the needs of food storage, different temperatures are designed to complete the functions of fresh-keeping and cold storage at the same time. The refrigeration unit uses one set of cooling, and the two sets of evaporators in the storage are cooled at the same time. The temperature control system can independently display and control each different temperature, when the temperature of one room reaches the set requirement, the control system will shut down the refrigeration in this room, and the refrigeration unit will not stop working until the temperature of another room reaches the set requirement. Before starting up, the automatic control system will control the refrigeration unit to complete the refrigeration in which room.

1, the unit: refrigeration unit selection will set the cooling system, reduce operating costs, less trouble, the unit selection of domestic original refrigeration unit; the primary component of the cold storage is the domestic import of well-known brands, to ensure reasonable equipment, stable operation, low energy consumption, high quality.

2. Evaporator: efficient ceiling evaporator or drain pipe

3. Control system: select advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, LCD display screen, startup time, temperature and fan delay time, alarm, instruction and skill parameters. Simple operation, friendly interface.

4. Library board: selection of high quality double color steel polyurethane cold storage board, small footprint, good insulation function. The thickness of the library is generally 100mm, 100mm and 100mm. Polyurethane insulation materials, double-sided color coated steel and non-ferrous steel plates are processed into invisible tanks. They are light in weight, high in strength, good in heat insulation function, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The library boards are easy to assemble and are the best materials for refrigerated insulation libraries.

5. Installation process: advanced construction machinery, advanced installation skills, strict quality assurance processing, to ensure that the product is closed in every production link, so that the user's requirements become a reality.

6. Specialty: The size, orientation, library, library, unit door opening, volume layout, etc. of the cold storage can be customized according to the specific requirements of users to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.

The thermal insulation library body is polyurethane thermal insulation board, with plastic coated steel plate and other metal materials as the surface layer, which combines the superior thermal insulation function and good mechanical strength. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient assembly method, long thermal insulation life, simple protection, low cost and high strength and light weight. It is the best data for the selection of cold storage thermal insulation storage body.