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Stainless steel reaction kettle jacket type

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ForStainless steel reaction kettle,Stainless steel reaction kettleand laboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleequipment, weMy companyLtd. is a relatively professional development, innovation, research and production company, any professionalStainless steel reaction kettleEquipment, welcome to order.

Chemical MachineryStainless steel reaction kettleIn use, there is an item calledStainless steel reaction kettleJacket type.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe jacket types are integral jacket, semicircular pipe jacket, steel jacket and honeycomb jacket.

magnetic forceStainless steel reaction kettleJacket selection:

1, usually magneticStainless steel reaction kettleThe pressure of the integral jacket must not exceed1MP, otherwise it will beStainless steel reaction kettleThe wall thickness of the tank and jacket is too large, increasing the difficulty of manufacturing.

2, when the magnetic forceStainless steel reaction kettleWhen the diameter is larger or the pressure of the heat transfer medium is higher, the latter three types can be used, which can not only increase the flow rate of the heat transfer medium, improve the heat transfer effect, but alsoImprove the strength and rigidity of the cylinder under internal and external pressure.

3. Various magnetic forcesStainless steel reaction kettleThe temperature and pressure range of the jacket are as follows:

Jacket type temperature, 0C pressure MPa

Integral Jacket 350 0.6

Semi-circular pipe jacket 280 1.0~6.4

Section steel jacket 225 0.6~2.5

Honeycomb Jacket 250 2.5~4.0