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Understand the welding process when making stainless steel tanks

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There are many welding processes for stainless steel storage tanks, but when producing stainless steel storage tanks, argon arc welding should be used, usually manual welding, so in argon arc welding, we need small current, fast welding speed, Short arc narrow pass welding, so that the temperature between the control layers should be controlledBelow 100 degrees, of course, the welding materials used should be matched, otherwise it will affect the welding.Stainless steel storage tankIt has the characteristics of fast heating, corrosion resistance, sanitation, no environmental pollution, no need for boiler automatic heating, convenient use, etc., used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, dyes, food, used to complete vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other technological processes. 
Stainless steel storage tanks are classified according to their uses: they can be divided into brewing stainless steel tanks, food stainless steel tanks, dairy stainless steel tanks, chemical stainless steel tanks, petroleum stainless steel tanks, building materials stainless steel tanks, power stainless steel tanks, metallurgical stainless steel tanks. Stainless steel storage tanks are classified according to the form: they can be divided into vertical stainless steel tanks and horizontal stainless steel tanks. Classification according to health standards: sanitary stainless steel tank, ordinary stainless steel tank. According to the pressure requirements classification: stainless steel pressure vessel, non stainless steel pressure vessel. In order to avoid hot cracks during welding, hydrogen electrodes with low carbon content should be selected. The welding type should be filled with arc pits, and the arc should be closed slowly to form a crescent arc. The time interval of arc extinguishing should be well grasped, and the next welding should be carried out before the last arc point turns dark red. Pay attention to these operations, you can weld a relatively high quality stainless steel tank.