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Liquid powder pulping high shear vacuum emulsifying machine process/method

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1, turn on the power supply, the power supply is consistent, and pay attention to the reliable grounding of the ground wire, turn on the main power switch, the power indicator light is on. Connect the pipes of the homogenizer correctly.

2. Before operation, be sure to check whether the pan is flat with the pan cover, whether the pan mouth and the material port cover are tightly covered and reliably sealed. Close each valve interface on the pot cover, then turn over the liquid powder and beat it with high shear.vacuum emulsifying machineOn the vacuum valve, and then open the shear pump, to meet the requirements of the closed shear pump, together with the vacuum valve.

3. Homogeneous cutting and scraper mixing: after feeding, open the corresponding control respectively

4. Close the work of controlling the homogenizer and the work of scraper mixing. Before mixing and starting, it should also be started to check whether there is any anomaly in the mixing and scraping wall, and if so, it should be removed immediately.

5, liquid powder pulping high shearvacuum emulsifying machineWork can only be started under sealed conditions. If there is a special need to open the air pump, the work cannot be done.3 minutes.

6, liquid powder pulping high shearvacuum emulsifying machineDo not work without fluid. Do not block the exhaust port while the pump is running.

7. Regularly check the lubricating oil and grease in each component and bearing, and replace the clean lubricating oil and grease in time.

8, keep the liquid powder beating high shearvacuum emulsifying machineThe cleaning.