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Emulsification pot can disperse and emulsify materials in the shortest possible time

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  Emulsifying potis a precision combination through the statorIn the high-speed rotation to produce strong shear force to achieve the purpose of mixing, crushing, emulsification. Efficient online dispersion equipment, installed on the pipeline for continuous processing of materials. And eliminate the quality difference between batches, the basic structure is composed of pump cavity and a pair of stator and rotor.


InEmulsifying potThe cavity of the narrow space is equipped1-3 groups of dual bite multi-layer stator and rotor, driven by the motor, rotate at high speed to produce strong axial suction to suck the material into the cavity.Emulsifying potThe material can be dispersed, sheared, and emulsified in the shortest time, and the particle size distribution range is also significantly narrowed, thereby making fine long-term stable products.