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Homogeneous emulsifying machine maintenance per shift

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Maintenance per shift(Before and after each shift)

  1. Remove the scale and obstacles on the machine body and mixing shovel, check and tighten all bolts. Replace the severely worn bolts and nuts.

  2. Check the position of the reducer lubricating oil on the transparent glass window, and the oil level shall not be lower than 1/3 of the glass height. When the oil level is insufficient, it should be added in time.

  3. Test run shall be carried out before the shift to confirm that each organization is reliable, without abnormal phenomenon and normal sound. Each running shaft of the discharge door shall be properly refueled.

  4. After each shift, the mixer shall be thoroughly cleaned, and water and stones shall be put into the mixing drum. After 10-15 minutes of operation, the mixer shall be released, and then cleaned with a broom.