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Advantages and Disadvantages of Homogeneous Emulsion Machine Transportation

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With the gradual development of concrete production and construction technology, concrete mixing equipment is also improving synchronously. The vertical shaft forced mixer is a kind of equipment with high mixing quality, intense mixing and high production efficiency. However, in the process of using the equipment, it is found that due to its own structural design, the vertical shaft forced mixer has a certain mixing efficiency zone. CompareHomogenizing emulsifying machineOne of the major advantages of the equipment is that there is no dead angle and high uniformity of mixing, so why can it avoid this phenomenon??

Vertical shaftPlanetary mixerComparison with vertical shaft forced mixer

The vertical shaft forced mixer realizes the homogenization of the material through the forced guiding and stirring of the material by the mixing blade.-- The stirring blade rotates around the vertical axis, but when the stirring shaft rotates, the blade can only stir the material near the inner wall of the stirring drum, and a larger part of the material between the stirring blade and the stirring shaft cannot be truly stirred. The larger the mixing capacity of the mixer, the more serious the problem of the low-efficiency zone of mixing.

Vertical shaftPlanetary mixerWhen working, the mixing blade has the rotation motion around its own axis., The rotating shaft and the central axis of the mixing drum also have relative rotation, extrusion, turnover and other compound actions to carry out strong stirring, forming planetary motion. When the revolution body rotates for one week, the movement track of the mixing blade covers the whole mixing drum to ensure that the materials in the whole mixing drum space are fully mixed, and there is no problem of low mixing efficiency zone and dead angle.Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe scientific mixing concept not only effectively eliminates the problem of low efficiency zone and improves the mixing quality, but also reduces the wear of the mixing drum lining plate and mixing blade and prolongs the service life of the mixer.