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The correct way of installation of cosmetic equipment spray filling machine

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Safety in production, starting from the drip, the first key iscosmetic equipment spray filling machineThe installation of equipment, according to the technical requirements to complete the installation of machinery is to ensure half of the success, today to share with youcosmetic equipment spray filling machineThe correct way to install:

1, willcosmetic equipment spray filling machineThe air filter pressure regulating valve is taken out from the chassis of the filling machine and installed on the box plate on the right side of the front of the chassis. Unscrew the oil cup of the two couplers, pour good lubricating oil to the horizontal line, about20ml, can not be filled.

2. Insert the compressed air pipe into the air inlet of the duplex (φ 8 pipe and φ 10 pipe). After opening the air outlet valve of the air compressor, adjust the two knobs on the duplex. The right side is pressure adjustment. During adjustment, lift the knobs, rotate clockwise to increase the pressure, rotate counterclockwise to reduce the pressure, adjust the pressure at 0.3-0.4Mpa(3-4kg/C), and adjust the oil intake on the right side, it can be rotated appropriately according to the fuel consumption. Generally, a cup of oil is used up in 10-15 working days, and then added.

3. Inspectioncosmetic equipment spray filling machineWhether the electrical parts and connectors are firm.

4. Connect the power supply 220V and connect the grounding wire to ensure safety. The working voltage of the machine is 24V DC.

5. Put the foot switch in front of the filling machine workbench, and work once with the foot. If the foot is not loose, the equipment will work continuously.

6. Connect the oil inlet pipeline, connect with steel wire hose, wind the interface with sealing tape, and tie it tightly with steel wire to prevent air leakage. Filtering equipment is not allowed to be installed in the pipeline.

7, well adjusted.cosmetic equipment spray filling machineMeasure the magnetic switch to the corresponding filling position, take the upper end of the magnetic switch as the standard, and then fill the test for several more times until the air in the pipeline is drained.

After the installation is complete, you can followcosmetic equipment spray filling machineThe operation of the equipment using the use of equipment debugging, jinan dongtai remind you, in the process of debugging, must be carefully repeated debugging, to ensure that the weight of filling products, if necessary can be adjusted to a scale fixed, so in the later use of the process do not often adjust the scale and filling degree, for the operation of the equipment to provide a convenient. More enterprise products to save time, seize the opportunity.