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Achieve complete isolation of stainless steel reaction kettle from the outside world

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In addition, I would like to say a few more words about the stirrer. It realizesStainless steel reaction kettleIt is completely isolated from the outside world, so as to realize no leakage under high temperature and high pressure. Especially suitable for pilot and large-scale production of flammable, explosive, precious media in high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and other conditions of stirring reaction, can be a good solutionStainless steel reaction kettleLeakage problems that cannot be overcome by mechanical seals and packing seals ensure that the environment and people are not harmed.Stainless steel reaction kettleOne of the core components of the mixer, then how should we choose the classification of the mixer?

First of all, according to the paddle mixing structure is divided into flat leaf, oblique (fold) leaf, curved leaf, spiral leaf agitator. Both paddle and turbine agitators have flat and inclined blade structures.The propeller, screw and ribbon blades are of helical leaf structure. According to the installation requirements, it can be divided into integral type and split type, which is convenient to fix the agitator directly on the mixing shaft without removing other parts such as coupling.

Secondly, according to the fluid flow form is divided into axial flow stirrer and radial flow stirrer. When some agitators are in operation, the fluid that produces axial flow and radial flow is called mixed flow type agitator. The propeller agitator is representative of the axial flow type, the flat blade disc turbine agitator is representative of the radial flow type, and the inclined blade turbine agitator is representative of the mixed flow type.

Finally, according to the use of the mixer is divided into low viscosity fluid with the mixer, high viscosity fluid with the mixer. Agitators for low-viscosity fluids include: propulsion type, slurry type, open turbine type, disc turbine type, brumagin type, plate-frame slurry type, three-blade rear finish type, etc. Stirrers for high viscosity fluids are: anchor type, frame type, serrated disc type, propeller type, spiral belt type, etc.