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High pressure laboratory stainless steel reaction kettle use matters needing attention

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in the laboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleTo do the reaction of different media, first understand whether the reaction medium will cause corrosion to the main material. For special situations, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in advance. For example, the instantaneous reaction is intense, a large amount of gas is generated, or high temperature flammable and explosive chemical reactions, as well as ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature or medium containing chloride ions, fluoride ions, etc., which cause serious corrosion to stainless steel. Special orders are required.! Do not exceed the laboratory when loading.Stainless steel reaction kettleKettle body2/3 liquid level! Do not disassemble under pressure at work or at the end! It is strictly forbidden to work in the case of overpressure and overtemperature!