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Working Environment Requirements for Emulsion Pot

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Emulsifying pot

Emulsifying pot is a machine that seals the hose filled with packaging materials at the same time. After the product is loaded into the packaging hose, in order to seal the product, maintain the product quality and avoid the loss of the product, it is necessary to seal the packaging hose. This operation is completed on the sealing machine. Emulsifying pot refers to the machinery that seals the tail of the hose after the product is packed in the hose. Usually in the actual work, the sealing machine is not used alone., usually used together with filling and filling machines to form a production line. The integrated machine of product packaging hose-product filling and filling-tail sealing machine was thus applied.

  Cosmetics machinery manufacturersIntroductionEmulsifying potThe working environment:

l, the machine working environment: 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

2. Adapted power supply of this machine: 380V 50Hz

3. The machine is suitable for air source: 0.17 m/min, working pressure: 0.85mpa

4. The machine is suitable for cooling water source: 1.5 tons/hour, water pressure <0.1 mpa or 2 chillers, water temperature 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

When our days into the era of commodity information expansion, a variety of goods in the mall has formed a lot of expansion of the appearance(e. g.Emulsifying pot), and it is not a simple job for producers to be sudden in such a situation. In this case, in order to increase the sales volume of the goods as much as possible, the production company will initially start to produce the packaging of the goods, and the most beautiful outer packaging will attract more buyers,Emulsifying potIt is a kind of filling equipment that meets the packaging and production of the production company, which can beautify the goods and obtain the best effect.