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Four Jacket Structures for Cosmetic Equipment

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Cosmetic Equipment

Homogenization in vacuumCosmetic EquipmentOn the outside of the tank, steel structures of various shapes are installed by welding or flange connection to make them homogeneous with vacuum.Cosmetic EquipmentThe outer surface of the tank forms a closed space, and a hot fluid is introduced into this space to heat or cool the material and maintain the temperature of the material within a predetermined range. This steel structure is collectively referred to as a jacket. Jacket forms can be divided into many types, while vacuum homogenizationCosmetic EquipmentThe usual form of the jacket is an integral jacket.

  The overall jacket is homogenized in vacuum.Cosmetic EquipmentA container with a larger diameter is set outside the tank. This jacket is simple and convenient, and basically does not require maintenance. The disadvantage is that the heat exchange area is subjected to vacuum homogenization.Cosmetic EquipmentThe geometry of the tank body is limited and cannot be made too large.

  The structure of the overall jacket is homogeneous according to the vacuum.Cosmetic EquipmentThe degree of coating of the tank can be divided into four structures:

  1. vacuum homogenizationCosmetic EquipmentA part of the jacket, used in the need to heat the area is not large occasions

  2. vacuum homogenizationCosmetic EquipmentA part of the jacket and the lower head are jacketed, which is vacuum homogeneous.Cosmetic EquipmentTypical structures commonly used.

  3. in order to reduce vacuum homogenizationCosmetic EquipmentThe length of the external pressure calculation of the tank (when the wall thickness of the tank is calculated by the outside) or in order to achieve homogenization in vacuum.Cosmetic EquipmentThe segmented jacket used for heating and cooling is used for controlling the temperature in the axial direction of the tank body. A reinforcing ring is arranged between each segment or a jacket sealing member that can play the role of a reinforcing ring is used. This structure is generally not used in vacuum.Cosmetic EquipmentThe tank body, but used in the tank body more slender occasions.

  The 4. is a fully coated jacket, which has the largest heat exchange area compared with the first three types of jackets. But general vacuum homogenizationCosmetic EquipmentThis is not used as a jacket.