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The strength of the shearing action of the homogenizing emulsifier directly affects the final fineness.

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Homogenizing emulsifying machine


Homogenizing emulsifying machineIt is through the high-speed rotation of the homogenizing head connected to the engine to shear, disperse, and impact the material. The material will therefore become more delicate, prompting the oil and water to melt. Widely used in cosmetics, shower gel, sunscreen, and many other cream products are used in homogeneous emulsifying machine. Sauce, juice, etc. in the food industry. Ointments in the pharmaceutical industry. Petrochemical, paint and ink will use homogeneous emulsifying machine. Homogeneous emulsifier plays an important role in the mixing system of industrial equipment, especially in solid-liquid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing, oil-water emulsification, dispersion and homogenization, shear grinding. It is calledHomogenizing emulsifying machineIt should be able to achieve the role of emulsification. The oil-water two-phase medium is thoroughly mixed to form an emulsion, which is divided into two systems: water-in-oil or oil-in-water. To realize emulsification, there are at least two requirements: first, strong mechanical cutting and dispersion, cutting and scattering the fluid medium of the water phase and the oil phase into small particles at the same time, and then when they are gathered and merged, they are permeated and mixed with each other to form an emulsion. The second is a suitable emulsifier, which acts as a medium bridge between oil and water molecules. Through its charge and intermolecular force, the oil-water mixed emulsion can be stored stably according to the time we need.
NowHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe application is not limited to "emulsification", its unique shear effect, the powder particles in the liquid crushing impact zui finally refined to the ideal particle size, so that the solid fully mixed into the liquid and the formation of a relatively stable suspension, this process is "dispersion". Of course, as with emulsifiers, the stability of the suspension can be enhanced by the addition of dispersants. When a solid substance can be completely dissolved by liquid through contact with liquid for a certain period of time, the small particles formed by shear impact will be dissolved by liquid more quickly because its specific surface area increases many times.
When people are used to obtaining fine particles through high-pressure homogenizer, "refinement" is equated with "homogenization", so the effect of homogenization emulsifier on material refinement and full mixing is the process of "homogenization. Therefore, we can also call the homogeneous emulsifying machine a homogenizer. For ease of distinction, it can be generally called a high-speed or high-shear homogenizer, so that there are many names for the homogeneous emulsifying machine: high-shear homogenizing machine, high-shear homogenizing machine, high-shear dispersing homogenizing machine, high-shear dispersing homogenizing machine, high-shearHomogenizing emulsifying machineHigh shear homogeneous dispersion homogeneous emulsifying machine.
Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe strength of the shearing action directly affects the final fineness of zui. After analysis, it is mainly related to the sharpness of the blade, hardness, rotation stator clearance, relative movement speed of the two cutting edges and the allowable particle size. Under normal circumstances, the sharpness of the blade, hardness, rotation stator clearance and the allowable particle size are basically fixed or do not want to change. Then, the relative movement speed of the blade is the influential factor of zui, this is expressed by the circumferential linear speed of the rotor, which is high, the density of the cutting or impact on the radially flowing fluid is high, and thus the refining effect is strong, and vice versa. However, the line speed is not the greater the better, when reaching a very high value, there is a tendency to form a blocking flow, so the flow becomes very small, and the heat is very high, some materials in turn will gather, so that the result is not ideal.