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The heating temperature of the homogenizing emulsifier is displayed by the temperature controller on the control panel

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Homogenizing emulsifying machine

Homogenizing emulsifying machineUse of the Charter:

1. The material is first preheated and stirred in the water and oil pan, and then directly sucked into the homogeneous pot of the homogeneous emulsifier under vacuum through the conveying pipeline.
2. The materials in the homogenizing pot of the homogenizing emulsifier pass through the polytetrafluoroethylene scraper (the scraper always caters to the pot body and sweeps the wall-hanging sticky materials) to continuously generate new interfaces, and then pass through the cutting, compression and folding of the frame stirrer and its reverse stirring blade to make it stir and mix and flow downward to the homogenizer below the pot body, then through the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the stator between the strong shear, impact, turbulence and other processes so that the material is cut in the shear seam, quickly broken into 200nm ~ 2μm particles.
3,Homogenizing emulsifying machineIn the material particle, emulsification, mixing, blending, dispersion, etc. can be completed in a short time. Because the homogeneous pot is in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated during the mixing process are pumped away in time. After homogenization, raise the lid and press the pouring button switch to discharge the materials in the pot into the container outside the pot (or open the pot bottom valve and pressure valve to discharge directly).
4. The heating temperature of the homogenizing pan of the homogenizing emulsifier is displayed by the temperature control instrument on the control panel. Homogeneous stirring and paddle stirring can be used separately. It can also be used at the same time. The length of homogeneous stirring time is controlled by the user according to the different properties of the material and can be adjusted through the control panel. After the work is completed, the cleaning ball valve can be opened to clean the pot body.