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Take you to understand the homogeneous emulsifying machine production process

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Homogenizing emulsifying machine

Homogenizing emulsifying machineIn the growing market in the role of production is more and more big, we are more and more dealing with this machine, then understand its workflow is not necessary, the following to introduce the homogenization of the specific production process steps:
1, homogeneous emulsifier in the process of work, the rotating rotor generated by the centrifugal force, the material in the container from the working head of the feed area axial suction work cavity.
2. The material is thrown into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and the rotor from the radial direction by the strong centrifugal force. At the same time by centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces, so that the initial dispersion of emulsification of materials.
3. A linear velocity of more than 15 m/s is generated at the outer end of the high-speed rotating rotor, and strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, liquid layer friction and impact tearing are formed, so that the materials are fully dispersed and emulsified, homogenized and crushed, and sprayed out from the radial direction at the same time. After a treatment or cycle after the final completion of the dispersion emulsification, homogenization process.
4,Homogenizing emulsifying machineAfter completing the * group work, the material enters the second stator and rotor working area under the action of the centrifugal force of the second group of rotors. Once again, after the stator and rotor multi-layer, dense and uniform shearing action, it is ejected from the radial direction, and under the action of the centrifugal force of the third group of rotors, it enters the third group of stator and rotor working areas to complete the technological processes of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization. After three groups of stator and rotor are treated in sequence, the materials are uniformly treated in a short time, and the process of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization is finally completed.
Homogenizing emulsifying machineIt is composed of a tank body, a stirring device and an intermittent high-shear homogeneous emulsifier or a high-shear homogeneous emulsifier. Its stirrer is composed of a blade-folding paddle stirrer in the middle and a frame stirrer capable of mixing high viscosity. A scraper for scraping the wall is installed around the frame stirrer. The scraper is used to continuously generate a new interface between the inner wall of the container and the material without leaving any dead angle. The high-speed homogeneous emulsifying machine is composed of a high-speed rotating impeller and a stator with radial diversion grooves. The specially designed upper and lower blades of the impeller rotate at high speed, so that the materials are sucked from the upper and lower parts of the impeller under high pressure respectively, and then ejected at high speed by centrifugal force through the impeller. Due to the small gap between the impeller and the stator, the materials undergo a series of complex physical reactions such as strong shear extrusion, mixing injection, high-frequency oscillation, etc. in the process of being sucked and thrown, thus fully emulsifying the mixed materials. As the slow stirring is carried out continuously at the same speed and reverse left rotation, the materials in the whole container are finally mixed, dispersed and emulsified continuously from top to bottom. The pipeline type homogeneous emulsifier is suitable for mass production, and there is no batch difference in continuous cycle.
After understanding the working process and specific structural characteristics of the homogeneous emulsifying machine, we can have a comprehensive understanding of the homogeneous emulsifying machine, and can better operate in the future production, so as to provide help for the expansion of production development.