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A simple analysis of how to select an anti-corrosion coating for the outer wall of a stainless steel tank

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Stainless steel storage tank

  What isStainless steel storage tankWhat about it? In fact, it is a type of storage tank. The steel sealed container used to store liquid or gas is a steel storage tank. Steel storage tank engineering is an essential and important infrastructure in petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire protection, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries. Our economic life is always inseparable from large and small steel storage tanks, steel storage tanks play an irreplaceable role in the development of the national economy. Here we talk about how to choose its outer wall anti-corrosion coating:

Coating Selection for Outer Wall of Stainless Steel Tank: If there is no insulation layer, usually do not contact the ground or soil parts, need to consider the environmental conditions, such as coastal atmosphere, usually using epoxy zinc rich primer, epoxy mica intermediate paint and polyurethane paint anticorrosion. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to consider the operating temperature of the storage tank. For the coating at the bottom of the outer wall of the stainless steel storage tank: the part contacting the ground or soil is usually similar to the anti-corrosion protection of the outer wall of the buried pipeline. Two epoxy asphalt coatings are used, each 125um, totaling 250um. There are also thick film type modified epoxy coating as the bottom of the anti-corrosion coating, coating thickness between 200- 300um. Anti-corrosion coating on the top of the stainless steel storage tank: the anti-corrosion coating on the top of the storage tank is the same as the coating system on the outer wall of the storage tank, and the atmospheric corrosion environment needs to be considered. In addition, due to the needs of maintenance and monitoring and inspection, it is necessary for personnel to move around the top of the storage tank, so the top is usually made into an anti-skid rough surface, and the method is to evenly sprinkle 60 -80-80-purpose quartz sand between two polyurethane finishes, in order to prevent personnel from slipping during operation and causing personal injury.