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Characteristics and application of high shear vacuum emulsifying machine

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Vacuum emulsifying machine

high shearvacuum emulsifying machine:

high shear dispersionvacuum emulsifying machineIt is the efficient, rapid and uniform transfer of one or more phases.(liquid, solid, gas) into another immiscible continuous phase. In general, the phases are immiscible with each other. When external energy is input, the two materials recombine into a homogeneous phase. Due to the high tangential speed generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the strong kinetic energy brought by the high-frequency mechanical effect, the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, and impact in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor. The combined effects of tear and turbulence form suspensions, emulsions and foams. So that the insoluble solid phase liquid phase, gas phase in the corresponding mature process and the right amount of additives under the joint action, instant uniform fine dispersion emulsification, after high frequency cycle back and forth, finally get stable high quality products.

pipeline high shearvacuum emulsifying machineIt is composed of a rotor and a stator. Under the high-speed drive of the motor, the material moves at a high speed in the narrow gap between the rotor and the stator, forming a turbulent flow. The material is subjected to stronger hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extrusion, high-speed cutting, impact and grinding. And other comprehensive effects, so as to achieve the effect of dispersion, emulsification and crushing. The physical properties of the processed material itself and the number of working cavities and the time that the controlled material stays in the working cavity determine the particle size distribution range and the effect of homogenization and refinement and the size of the output.

According to the work continuity classification, common high shearvacuum emulsifying machineDividedClass 2: Intermittent high shearvacuum emulsifying machineand continuous high shear emulsion pump

  vacuum emulsifying machinethe characteristics

1. Precision fit of rotor and stator, working head (rotor and stator forgings manufacturing) claw structure;

  2. Two-way suction, the material can be ultra-fine dispersion, emulsification, high shear efficiency;

  3.vacuum emulsifying machineEliminate quality variation from batch to batch

  4. Stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, flexible, continuous use;

  5. The working temperature is less than 180 degrees Celsius;

  6. Explosion-proof design, safe and reliable;

  7. High shear emulsion pump capacity, suitable for industrial online continuous production and narrow particle size distribution, high uniformity

  8. Save time, high efficiency and energy

  9. The integral frame of precision casting and each rotor tested by precision dynamic balance ensure low noise and smooth operation of the whole machine

  10. No dead angle, 100 of the material is shears by crushing dispersion

  11. High shear emulsion pump can realize automatic control

  12. Container mechanical seal to ensure no leakage of materials

  13. High shear emulsion pump single machine capacity from 1~140 m3/h

  14. Emulsion pump with short distance, low lift conveying function, simple to use, convenient maintenance