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Stainless steel reaction kettle leak how to do?

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Stainless steel reaction kettle

10MLStainless steel reaction kettleWhat should I do if I leak? How to detect and how to troubleshoot. Could beStainless steel reaction kettleThe use time is a bit long, coupled with some people when using improper operation, often there will be air leakage, then how to check whether it leaks, where it leaks.

First, eliminate possible air leaks:

Section1. InspectionStainless steel reaction kettleIs there any scar on the sealing surface of the kettle body and whether the sealing surface is clean and smooth,Stainless steel reaction kettleIs to rely on stainless steel surface for sealing;

Section2、10MLStainless steel reaction kettleWhether the bolts on the kettle cover are tightened evenly and in sequence. The bolts can be tightened in a sequence similar to the five-pointed star;

Section3. Check whether the micro-reactor is equipped with a sealing gasket, whether the sealing gasket is intact, and the gasket is placed in a suitable position;

Next, check the leak location:

Section1, inStainless steel reaction kettleWhere the kettle body may leak, apply soapy water or similar water to pressurize the kettle. If bubbles appear on the surface, it indicates air leakage;

Section2. After pressurizing the kettle, immerse the kettle body in water. If bubbles appear, it indicates that the place with bubbles is leaking;

Section3-ReturnStainless steel reaction kettleThe manufacturer, let the manufacturer carry out maintenance;

In the lab,Stainless steel reaction kettleWhen conducting experiments under high pressure conditions, it is important to knowStainless steel reaction kettleWhat should I do about air leakage?, otherwise it will definitely cause safety hazards.