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Stainless steel electric heating reactor how to operate

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Stainless steel reaction kettle

Stainless steel electric heating reactor operating procedures are as follows:
1. stainless steel reaction kettle before driving
  1. Introspect whether the inside of the kettle, agitator, transformation part, subordinate equipment, indicating instruments, safety valves, pipelines and valves can meet the safety requirements.
  2. Reflect on whether water, electricity and gas can meet the requirements of safety.
2. stainless steel reaction kettle in driving
  1. Before feeding, the stirrer of the reaction kettle should be opened first. When there is no noise and it is normal, the material should be added into the reaction kettle, and the feeding number should not exceed the process requirements.
  2. Before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first and then the intake valve. Open the steam valve should be slow, so that the jacket preheating, gradually increase the pressure, the jacket pressure must not exceed the rule value.
  3, steam valve and cooling valve cannot also start, steam pipe when passing gas is forbidden hammering and collision.
  4. When opening the cooling water valve, first open the return valve and then open the inlet valve. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than 0.1 MPa and shall not be higher than 0.2 MPa.
  5, water ring vacuum pump, to start the pump before water supply, stop the pump, stop the pump after water, and should sweep away the water in the pump.
  6, reflect on the operation of the reaction kettle at any time, found abnormal should be parking maintenance.
  7. When cleaning the titanium epoxy (enamel) reaction kettle, it is forbidden to brush the reaction kettle with alkaline water and pay attention not to damage the enamel.
3. stainless steel reaction kettle after parking
  1, stop stirring, cut off the power supply, close all kinds of valves.
  2. When shoveling the pot, it is necessary to cut off the power supply of the mixing machine, hang a warning sign, and set up a person to monitor it.
  3. The stainless steel reaction kettle must be inspected on schedule according to the requirements of the pressure vessel. If the inspection fails, it is not allowed to drive.