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Cleaning and maintenance of laboratory stainless steel reaction kettle

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Stainless steel reaction kettle

 LaboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleIt has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance and strong production capacity. It is widely used in beverage, chemical industry, resin, scientific research and other industrial sectors. Stainless steel reaction is a kind of production or experimental equipment that combines reaction condition control system, reaction vessel, raw material feed, etc. It can complete the pre-set reaction steps with fast automation, and strictly control the temperature, pressure, mechanical control and other important technical parameters in the reaction process.

LaboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleThe cleanup method:

1 The LaboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleDuring long-term shutdown, the inside and outside of the kettle shall be cleaned and cleaned without water and other materials, and stored in a clean, dry and non-corrosive place.

2, each time the boot, requires any button should be in the initial state, which requires the operator to develop good working habits, after each work to turn the knob back to the minimum position, to prevent the next boot when the current overshoot is too large to cause great damage to the control instrument.

3. Various instruments and blasting discharge devices shall be tested regularly to ensure their accurate and reliable work. The working environment of the equipment shall meet the requirements of safety technical specifications.

4, when loaded into the reaction medium should not exceed the laboratoryStainless steel reaction kettleKettle body2/3 liquid level!

5, inStainless steel reaction kettleIn the reaction of different media, we should first find out whether the medium has corrosion to the main material. For the instant reaction violent, produce a large amount of gas or high temperature flammable and explosive chemical reaction, as well as ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature or medium containing chloride ions, fluoride ions and other corrosion of stainless steel serious reaction must be special order.

6. Under the premise of turning on the power supply, even if the switch such as heating and stirring is not turned on, the output terminal of the rear panel of the control instrument is also charged, and it is not allowed to pull or touch any plug during operation.

7, according to the use of voltage control instrument to connect the corresponding voltage, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, control instrument of the live wire and zero line do not connect the reverse; Do not carry out wiring work in power transmission to prevent electric shock! In order to ensure the normal operation of the controller and the personal safety of the staff, please connect the ground wire! The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so it should avoid oil, gas and other flammable and explosive environment.

When cleaning the autoclave, special attention should be paid not to flow water or other liquids into the heating furnace to prevent the heating furnace wire from burning. If the jacket is heated by heat transfer oil, pay attention not to mix water or other liquids into the heat transfer oil, and check the oil level of the heat transfer oil from time to time.

9, work or at the end, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble under pressure! It is strictly forbidden to work in the case of overpressure and overtemperature.