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Stainless steel reaction kettle how to fire? Stainless steel reaction kettle fire prevention method

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Stainless steel reactor is a kind of chemical reaction vessel. The raw materials, intermediates and even products used in production are flammable, explosive and corrosive substances, so they need to be fireproof in use. Stainless steel reaction kettle should be how to fire? The following small series on the specific introduction of stainless steel reaction kettle fire prevention methods, hoping to help you. 1. put a good stainless steel reactor fire protection design off the main cause of the fire caused by equipment leakage often originated in the design stage, so do a good job in the design stage of fire prevention work is very important. First of all, the design, selection, material selection, layout and installation of stainless steel reactor should conform to the national regulations

Stainless steel reaction kettleIt is a kind of chemical reaction container. The raw materials, intermediates and even products used in production are flammable, explosive and corrosive substances, so they need to be fireproof in use.Stainless steel reaction kettleHow should fire? The following editor will introduce it in detail.Stainless steel reaction kettleThe fire prevention method, I hope can help everyone.

Good 1..Stainless steel reaction kettleFire protection design off

The main causes of fire caused by equipment leakage often originate in the design stage, so it is very important to do a good job of fire prevention in the design stage. The first isStainless steel reaction kettleThe design, selection, material selection, layout and installation shall comply with national codes and standards. Strictly control the design, according to the characteristics of different technological processes, select the corresponding high temperature or low temperature, corrosion resistance, meet the pressure requirements of the material, the use of advanced technology for manufacturing and installation, do a good job of strict fire audit, and through strict commissioning and acceptance.

2. implement the preventive measures for hot work

1. Disassemble and take away. If possible, remove the equipment, pipes and accessories that can be disassembled and taken away from the fire control area, remove them from the main body, move them to a safe place for hot work, and put them back to their original place after the hot work is completed.

2, isolation cover. Effectively isolate the hot work equipment, pipelines and their accessories and related operating systems, such as adding blind plates on the pipelines, adding heads or removing a section of pipes, etc., to isolate flammable and explosive materials and medium gases from entering the hot work site.

3. Clean up the site. Before the fire to clean up the scene, this is the most basic requirements. Before hot work, the inflammable and explosive articles around the hot work point shall be transferred to a safe place, and the site shall be cleaned.

4. Check and confirm. After making relevant preparations, we must check and confirm it. This is very important. After checking and confirming that it is correct, a "hot work safety certificate" will be issued. If you enterStainless steel reaction kettleInternal homework, but also issued"Safety operation certificate in equipment", implement the person responsible for monitoring.

3. strengthen safety training

The employees in the chemical production industry should be relatively stable, strengthen the process and operation discipline of the employees, and formulate and strictly implement the operating procedures. Improve the level of professional quality of workers and production skills. Develop accident emergency plans and conduct drills to improve the emergency response capacity of employees in the state of accidents.

4. set fire safety device

Common in the production of widely used and achieved good results are:(1) Fire retardant equipment. It includes safety liquid seal, water seal well, flame arrester, one-way valve, fire retardant valve, etc., and its function is to prevent flame from enteringStainless steel reaction kettleequipment, piping, or preventing flame from spreading between them.(2) Explosion-proof pressure relief equipment. Including safety valve, bursting disc (explosion-proof piece), vent pipe, etc., installed in pressure vessels, pipelines and other production equipment, from the role of pressure-reducing explosion-proof. (3) Mars extinguisher. It is installed in equipment and devices that produce Mars to prevent Mars from flying out and igniting combustibles. (4) automatic detector. It is used to detect the concentration and temperature of combustible gas.