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Choose a homogeneous emulsifying machine, which can be easily done in 3 steps!

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The function of the homogeneous emulsifying machine is not much to say here, and there are more used in the industry. Many enterprises have questions about the purchase and do not know what model to choose. The company has sorted out the following contents for your reference in the spirit of answering questions and solving doubts. There are three steps in the selection of homogenizing emulsifying machine: 1., you can first conduct small-scale tests and pilot-scale tests to obtain positive data. If you are going to develop a new product, you can first obtain correct data through laboratory emulsifying equipment in the laboratory, which can well avoid the occurrence of selection errors, and you can also further conduct pilot-scale tests through pilot-scale emulsifying equipment to reduce the risk of production investment. Use real

Homogenizing emulsifying machineThe function of this is not much to say, the industry is also used more, many enterprises have questions in the purchase, do not know what model to choose, the company in line with the mentality of answering questions to sort out the following content for your reference.

Homogeneous emulsifying machine selection has the following three steps:

1. can first conduct small and pilot experiments to obtain positive solution data.

If you are ready to develop a new product, first in the laboratory, through the laboratory emulsification equipment to obtain the correct data, which can be very good to avoid the occurrence of selection errors, but also through the pilot emulsification equipment for pilot, reduce the risk of production investment.

The data obtained from the experiment will be the key to equipment selection. The key to the dispersion effect of the homogenizing emulsifier is based on the rate at which the material reaches the shear zone and the mechanical energy transmitted to the material. Only the circumferential speed of the rotor can be quantified here. In the laboratory, the outlet speed can be calculated according to the equipment speed under the ideal state of the material, thus a suitable range can be selected in the industrial type.

2. determinationHomogenizing emulsifying machineThe Problem of Handling Volume

The second is to determine the problem of processing capacity, in the industrial equipment selection table provides a water as the standard reference processing capacity, in the actual selection to consider the material viscosity, specific gravity, solid content, thixotropy and other factors, and the viscosity of the range and thixotropy is difficult to define, so the actual processing capacity often appear difficult to grasp the situation. This requires a good technical exchange with the engineers of Wuxi Dishuo, and a selection scheme close to the facts based on the combination of effective data and experience.

3. attentionHomogenizing emulsifying machineKey points of selection:

1, suck the required results, determine the process taken.

2. Select the type according to the data obtained from the laboratory.

3. List the foreseeable working conditions, such as flammable and explosive, pressure resistance, vacuum pumping, corrosion resistance, and high temperature, etc., which require equipment to adapt to the special requirements of working conditions and surface treatment.

4, in the case of unforeseen factors and complex process, it is proposed to adopt a conservative selection method.

These are the three steps of the selection of the homogeneous emulsifying machine. Combined with the above three steps, I believe you can choose the right homogeneous emulsifying machine product in Zhejiang Valley.